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Effect of Inflation on Oblique Basketball Bounce

Determining the effects of ball pressure on a ball's trajectory


Building the experiment

Using a band saw, nail gun and some hand tools I built this experimental setup.

Collecting and Analyzing Data

Data was collected using a 60 fps camera and analyzed using video software  (Kinovea). This along with the accelerometer allowed me to determine 4 key parameters for further analysis shown next.




● Started with visual inspection of graphs to look for trends

● Looked for function to fit data with uniform residuals and high R2 value


For Z-vibration (F = 11.9) > (Fα = 2.6): there is significant difference in Z-axis vibration for different ball pressures

For velocity (F = 0.001) < (Fα = 2.6): there is no significant difference in velocity at peak of bounce for different ball pressures

Future Improvements

After an experiment it is useful to reflect and see what you would do differently. For this experiment there are a few changes that would be made before presenting our conclusions:

          ● Higher fps camera

          ●Separate cameras for bounce height and angle measurements

          ●Horizontal markers

          ●Angle camera close to the floor

          ●Bounce height camera at mid-height

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