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Paramedic Papr

Designing a PAPR specifically for the needs and requirements of Paramedics working during the Covid-19 pandemic


Identify Need and Requirements

By talking to real stakeholders (paramedics and patients) we were able to identify the core criteria for our PAPR.

Concept Generation

We started creating different unique concepts with the goal that each concept be as simple as possible.


Final Design

Shown is our final design. This PAPR has specific features which would greatly assist both paramedics and patients. These include easy charging and battery swaps, clear face shield for better communication, and a noise reducing backpack shown next.

Clear Face Shield

We paid extra attention to the face shield as studies have shown having a largely covered face weakens communication and trust between people. Due to the rubber seal and adjustable silicone straps, this should be comfortable for long hours.


Sound-Proof Backpack

Because one of the most common complaints from both patients and paramedics was noise of existing PAPRs, designing a noise proof backpack was a great decision.

Final Stats

Shown on the right are some final specifications of the design.

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